Television can be a boon to our lives, but it can also be very annoying. You are totally engrossed in a program and then the commercials come on. Immediately your mind goes into ‘standby mode’. You think about what you have to do tomorrow, about your job, about your children’s schooling. Too late… your mind realizes that the commercial finishing up now is for something you really wanted. Whether it’s for a household item you needed or a health and beauty product you wanted as a gift for someone, the commercial for it is just finishing and there is no time to find a pen and take down the number just disappearing off the screen.

Even if you don’t watch TV much and certainly don’t watch commercials on TV because at the moment there is nothing that you need, you realize that there are many products advertised on TV that you will never see or hear about. Obviously you don’t need all these products but there may be a few that could be very useful either now or in the future. The trouble with TV advertising is that you cannot access these products when you need them. You have to wait for the TV companies to air the commercials.

That is where comes in. It takes the products advertised on TV and put them into an easily accessible form. It allows you to search for the products you need and allows you to search at a time of your choosing.

This website is not like most websites today, full of flashing lights, advertising, user registration or logins required, and complicated navigation. Like all good websites should be, it is a very simple design. In the centre of the screen, there are a few items as seen on TV, which you may or may not be interested in. On the left hand side of the screen a list of links to different categories of items. Some of the categories are “Health and Fitness”, “Household”, “Personal Care” and “Kitchen”. If you are interested in the most popular items, there is a “Hottest TV Products” section, or if you know what you want then on the top right hand corner there is a search box to type in the name of the product and up it comes.

On this site you have products like the Ionic Pro, Bun and Thigh Roller, Walkfit Insoles and many more. When you find a product that you decide is right for you, just click on ‘Order Item Now’ link and this will bring you to the products own web site, where you can get all the information you may need on the product. When you are satisfied with the information the product can be purchased on its secure site. takes the hassle out of shopping for items that you have seen on TV. It empowers you, the user. It lets you decide what and when, not the TV company. This is what makes the web great.

By Kim Thompson for Buy hot-selling as seen on TV products such as Walkfit, Ionic Pro, Total Trolley, Bun and Thigh Roller, and Miracle Blade.