The Trendy Top is a wraparound that you place over your waistline to naturally cover the area where your skin is most likely a show if your shirt hikes up. You can easily wear trendy fashion low rider jeans or any low wasted pants or skirt and feel comfortable when wearing your Trendy Top. No matter what you wear, it makes you look chic and lean, and is very comfortable.

The Problem with Camisoles

Nothing is worse than wearing any slim looking designer clothes, and have it show off your muffin top just because you are moving around. Even worse is when you have peekaboo panties showing up by simply bending over or sitting down. In times past, the only relief you had was to wear a loose fitting camisole in the hope that it would remain in place throughout the entire day. However, wearing a camisole simply does not have the ability to hold in your muffin top all in or keep it from encroaching over your waistband.

No woman enjoys accidentally exposing her stomach, or having their underwear exposed in plain view of everyone when sitting down and bending over. The challenge is that at some point every woman will have that experience when wearing their low rise jeans and when they are bending down or reaching up. With this new innovative wraparound there is a simple unique solution that is certainly worth adding to your wardrobe.

The Solution

Trendy PopThe people at Trendy Top have invented a wraparound that is not bulky at all, and easily covers both your back in front. The top is available in several colors, to complement most any item in your wardrobe. It is crafted out of a comfy cotton blend, and is available in many sizes, to fit everyone.

“I work out a lot and have puffiness around my tummy, and this helps reduce the bloating.” – C. Russo,

The major advantage over this wraparound, when compared to traditional camisoles and longer shirts, is its ability to create slim, smooth lines from under your arms down past your hips. Eliminating a bulkier appearance, it is possible to wear many more items in your wardrobe, because you will have that lean, sexy and slim look.

Enjoy All-Day Comfort

Because this amazing wrap around is crafted from the identical fabric that most shirts and blouses are made of, it is very comfortable to wear all day. By just wrapping the top around you, you can create that slim and lean look, as it naturally smooths out the uneven areas of your midriff. No matter if you are active or sitting behind your desk at work for long hours, this Trendy Top is all-day comfortable, and in all types of weather. It even works well while out on the go, or at the gym, while exercising, running in place or bicycling.

All-Natural Fabric

The Trendy Top is crafted out of a 100% natural cotton blend fabric and is available in multiple colors and sizes. When worn, it provides you the confidence you need to know that your rear view is protected. You will no longer have any midriff exposure, and you can feel comfortable no matter what you are doing.

“My side muffins are gone in my mid-section has increased too!” – Sammi,

This wraparound is highly recommended to anyone concerned about exposing their muffin top, because it simply and easily creates a slimmer, sexier look. Wearing this wraparound, you will now longer have to be concerned about bending over, or reaching up, and can feel assured people are not seeing your underwear when sitting down. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website for the best prices and for optimal customer service.

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