The Ped Egg is a revolutionary foot file that makes smoothing out those dry, scratchy feet easy.  Not only will it make your feet feel terrifically smooth and wonderfully healthy, but there’s no more flaky skin dust that lands all over everywhere which you would normally get with other products that do a similar job.

Ped Egg is designed so that the flaky, scaly mess from filing your feet goes into a container storage area for easy disposal.  This no mess feature is worth its weight in gold to those people that have used the lesser products that manage to spew white dust all over everywhere.

Benefits Of Ped Egg

  • Precision micro files, these revolutionary designed files manage to smooth your skin effortlessly, making for a softer healthier looking skin.
  • Handy dust shavings or skin shavings catching feature.  No more mess to clean up after removing those nasty calluses and dead skin.  Their built in storage compartment catches all the mess so you don’t have to clean up after, only dump the storage container.
  • 2 buffing pads are included so that you can complete your smoother, softer, and younger skin look.
  • It’s fantastically revolutionary egg-shape makes holding and using so much easier.  No guessing if you’re using it right due to its unique design.
  • So gently on your skin.  Tests of the PedEgg have shown that its files are that when tested it wouldn’t pop a balloon when scrubbed across one.

Feedback On The Program

Ped Egg has received national acclaim and been featured on many prominent TV commercials.  Many customers have attested to the fact that this product has provided them with younger, smoother, softer skin almost immediately.  They have wowed at how it removes all the old dead skin and calluses with seeming ease.  There have also been those that have comment upon how the PedEgg has allowed them to wear sandals again as their feet look so great after a treatment.

So what more could someone that is looking for in a product that removes dry, dead and callused skin from the bottom of their feet than what the Ped Egg offers.  Its design has made it so revolutionary due to the fact that it’s safe and gentle on the skin that it makes it easy to use.  But the real show-stopping feature that has been commented upon is the fact that due to the storage compartment designed in for catching shed skin, it can be used anywhere.

Ped Egg can be found in most stores and online easily.  If someone adds only one product to their grooming product line, it should be the Ped Egg.  Satisfaction is guaranteed due to feedback and their thirty day money back satisfaction guarantee.  Check out their online site and get fantastic offers that you will not find in any of your local stores such as:  special price (for Internet only sales), special bonuses.  These special bonuses that are offered only online such as:  extra egg, extra buffing pads, and…a tube of Soft Silky Soles skin cream make this method of purchase wonderful.

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