If you enjoy spending time in kitchen with your children baking and cooking, you will enjoy the Press Dough Cookie Maker Factory. The amazing Press Dough Cookie Maker Factory is an entire cookie kit that includes every piece of equipment you need to make creative and fun cookies. More than just a set of cookie cutters, the kit includes a fully instructional guide that will help you make all different types of colors and shapes of cookies.

Combining Two Favorite Pastimes

Every child has two favorite pastimes including baking cookies and art/crafts. The Press Dough Cookie Maker Factory is a fun and crazy way to make and decorate amazingly good looking cookies all year long. You can use your own home recipe cookie dough, or even store-bought dough, including national brands like Nestlé’s, Betty Crocker or Pillsbury. You can also use store brands including Food Lion, Ingalls, Safeway, and Kroger to squeeze out from the extruder onto the baking sheet. There are also numerous additional recipes for cookie dough found in the cookie maker instructional guide.

How Does Press Dough Work?

This amazing cookie making machine includes two separate cookie presses, cookie patterns and cookie molds. Included are also cookie shavers and even a rolling pin with cutting wheels to help you create all different styles, shapes and colors of cookies. It is simple to do, and easy enough for children of all ages (that are older than three). You can make fun shapes and animal art, using the molds and patterns to cut various shapes and sizes. This will allow every child to make animals, trees, or anything their mind can create.

“It does work. And it is actually pretty cute. My children have fun with the extruder and decorating.” – Jenny M., Amazon.com

Making your cookies with the cookie maker factory can be fun and entertaining. You simply fill the cookie dough into the dough press and squeeze it out. This allows you to make several kinds of designs including twisted rolls and waves. You can also create all different types of shapes and patterns. Once you squeeze the dough out of the extruder and place your cookies on baking sheet, a grown-up can bake your cookies, and when cooled, they are ready to decorate.

IncludePress Doughd in Every Kit

Inside every cookie making kit, you receive all 70 amazing pieces including 24 cookie patterns, 24 cookie molds, 4 individual cookie shapers, 8 frosting tips, 2 flower shakers, 2 spatulas, 2 cutting wheels and 2 rolling pins. You will also receive an instructional booklet and a quick start guide along with your two separate cookie presses. All the pieces are dishwasher safe and each unit works perfectly with your own homemade cookie dough, and even store-bought dough.


“If you are looking to spend some quality time with your children, I highly recommend this.” –, Jennifer Comunale, Amazon.com

The Press Dough Cookie Maker Factory is perfect for any holiday including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, The Fourth of July, birthdays, anniversaries and any special event like graduations and weddings showers. Because it creates any type of cookie, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity. It is fun and exciting to make and eat your creations.

Spending Time Together

This amazing little cookie making factory is ideal for creating a strong bond between parents and their children, and can help the young ones develop skills for working in the kitchen. Having a hands-on approach to the food they make will allow them to appreciate what it takes to bake and cook the foods they consume.

This little cookie maker dough factory is highly recommended to any family interested in baking and decorating their own cookies for any holiday. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website.

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