Touted as the “World’s First Bake Slice and Serve Brownie Maker”, you must want to know if this product truly lives up to its name. I don’t blame you for being skeptical as I am also in that camp simply because most products seem too good to be true and don’t live up to their hype.

Well, it is my hope that after reading this, you’ll get all the facts you need to make a decision whether to buy the product.

Does the Perfect Brownie Pan Live Up To The Hype?Buy Perfect Brownie Pan

Formerly known as the Slice Solutions Brownie Pan with divider, this is certainly a nifty kitchen accessory that appears to be hyped up.  It seems like a far-fetched claim that you can make perfect brownies every time. I decided to investigate if it really was true.  I searched all over to find out whether real people were getting the results as seen on TV.

In this case, it turns out that there are more positive than negative feedback.  Having checked around, the people who mentioned that they weren’t “perfect” usually referred to the brownie taste and texture coming out of the Perfect Brownie Pan as compared to a regular pan.  One drawback to this pan is also its size which measures 11″x7″ at the top.  This is smaller than your typical cake pan which is 13″x9″.  Another finding is that brownies had to be baked slightly longer in the oven than specified on the box.  It is important that you spray the inside of the pan with non-stick to aid removal of your brownies later.  Also, you’ll want to heat up your pan for about 5 minutes prior to pouring your brownie batter in to prevent leaking.  Other than these issues, it would seem that many who did try out the pan and following their exact instructions did get the promised results – perfect shaped brownies that were soft and gooey on the inside.  Users report their brownies didn’t stick and had no mess from cutting.  For those who love the inside of brownies, it also did not make the edges crunchy/crisp and hard as other pans do.

Here are what some real users say about their experiences with the Perfect Brownie Pan:

I was skeptical when I bought this brownie pan. I imagined myself scraping brownies from the divider after baking, and could not really believe they would pop out of the pan like in the commercial. But, after baking my first batch of brownies in the marvelous pan, I can assure you that it works exactly as described. I generously sprayed the pan and the divider all over with Pam, to be sure nothing would stick. Then I placed the brownie pan on a cookie sheet before baking. The brownies did not stick at all and came out in perfect little squares. It was the most perfect easy brownie I have ever made. -

M. Johnson

Saw this pan on an infomercial and bought 2 (one for my daughter's friend). It works just like it says it will. As another reviewer said, be sure to spray with non-stick spray. I forgot to spray the divider once and though it wasn't as easy to remove, the brownies were not ruined. Just a little rougher around the edges. -

C. Busch

I am so thrilled with this Perfect Brownie pan. I liked it so well I ordered this second one just to be able to bake more at one time. My daughter's use theirs for little individual cakes for a Birthday Party and my daughter baked her bread in hers. Great purchase you won't be disappointed.


I have the perfect brownie pan and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is perfectly portioned 18 brownies. The middle brownies do not have crusty edges, they are so soft and moist. I have also made pumpkin pie bars in it, which also turned out great. The brownies/bars do not stick, they each come out separately and do no crumble or tear up. Another reason I love it is because clean up is so easy, too. Hot soapy water, and just rinse! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves baking brownies or cookie bars/cakes, but hates having to slice them and they tear up or won't come out of the pan easily! -


I own one--- and I love it! I was telling my husband just this morning that this was the first time I had ever made decent brownies! (And, it's true.) -


I am having fun with the pan. I made Everyone's Favorite Sour Cream Coffee Cake yesterday and it worked well. Since the recipe was scaled for a 9" x 13" pan, I took out 1/3rd of the batter and 1/3rd of the filling before loading up the pan. I made regular muffins with the leftover batter and filling. The pan performed perfectly. These pans are perfect for pot lucks and buffets. -

Marie Nixon

My MIL has one and made a pan of brownies yesterday while we were there. It does work really well. -


I really like the pan. I have used it a lot to make brownies for my family and friends. I have both the perfect brownie and the other by some other company. The perfect brownie ones are smaller. -


Well, the verdict on my daughter's brownies from yesterday with the new pan is 2 thumbs up! While the edges were a little crusty, they were NOT the hard stuff I usually get--I would call them appropriately crusty and edge-like. And also they made a beautiful presentation because they were so neat looking--like a little present. And my 9-year-old son, who hates EVERYTHING, ate 4 brownies. -


Just wanted to say that I have the pan. It does work well especially if you are looking for brownies that are uniform in size. It also works well for cutting rice krispie treats too. Just make sure you spray the pan well. So far we haven't had any problems with it sticking, and my mom and brother have one too. -


I have it and like it a lot. I agree that you should spray all the pieces well. Its easy to use and easy to clean up (dishwasher). I DID notice that my brownies took a little longer than recommended on the brownie box. OMG it super easy. Mix...whatever, pour it in the ban, put the rack in, and bake. -


my husband LOVES brownies and with this pan i can make PERFECT brownies! just make sure u spray the whole thing with a cooking spray before baking. easy to clean too! -


I own 2 of these and have given them, as gifts, to everyone I know. The pan works like a charm. I've even forgotten to take them out of the oven on time, and they still came out yummy! Would recommend to anyone who makes brownies. I've also used it to make Rice Krispee Treats. -

Joanne York

Jeff Jumper of KLPC TV says:

“Honestly, I really enjoyed using the Perfect Brownie to bake brownies. It seems that you may get similar results taste and texture wise using a standard non-stick pan, but this really made the serving part easy. When I’ve baked in the past, it seems almost impossible to get the perfect slices without scratching the bottom of the pan or getting crumbs everywhere. This was extraordinarily simple to not only slice the brownies, but also to serve the brownies. And the effort needed to clean up afterwards was minimal. This took some of the angst out of baking and made serving super simple.”

KWCH 12 TV engaged four bakers to put this pan to the test and they concluded:

“After thirty minutes, we have our answer. Every brownie comes out—minus one that sticks a bit to the divider. And even though it looked like the sides may not have been cut through all the way, each piece slides right out. Every piece is a rectangle with smooth sides!”

What Else Do You Need To Know

Before using the perfect brownie pan, you do need to read the instructions carefully prior to using. For example, the pan is designed with a hole at the bottom that will need to be covered with a foil. This is to prevent any leakage during baking.

It is also very easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe, this little brownie pan makes cleanup a breeze.

Where To Get The Best Deal On The Perfect Brownie Pan

To purchase the perfect brownie pan, you want to be sure you get what you were promised.  The whole kit comes with ten decorative stencils along with a recipe book that contains 12 recipes for free. The best place to buy it is from the official site where when you buy one, you get one FREE.   For a limited time also when you order, you get their 2 gooey, chewy recipe booklets and 20 decorative stencils.  This is the best deal I’ve found on the Internet.

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