You probably came here looking for information on the GT Xpress 101.  It can be difficult to find reliable information on whether the GT Xpress 101 truly lives up to its claims.GT Xpress 101

Well, hopefully by the end of this article you will have all the information you need to decide whether to buy the GT Xpress 101 or not.

What Does the GT Xpress 101 Do?

According to the manufacturer, the GT Xpress 101 has the following benefits:

  • Cooks delicious food for the entire family fast, many in less than 7 minutes
  • No turning your food or slaving over a hot stove
  • Non-stick surface means no extra fat and wipes clean in a flash
  • Built-in cord wrap and compact design make for easy storage

So, Does the GT Xpress 101 Really Work As Advertised?

Like you, I tend to be skeptical of outlandish claims.  As I was searching for information on whether the GT Xpress 101 lives up to its claims, I was glad to find that there were more positive reviews than negative ones.

Like any product in the market, there are always going to be some people who don’t like it.  After all, you can’t please everyone.  I’d like to discuss problems brought up by those who didn’t benefit right now so you are aware of them and know what is behind their statements.  You can also avoid any issues they experienced from using the product.  There were those who didn’t feel the product lived up to its promise of an easy clean up job.  As I dug around, I found that this is mainly because they didn’t follow the instructions to spray coat the inside with a non-stick spray like Pam before use.  Also, some said their GT Xpress 101 non-stick coating began to peel off after first use while others had a different experience.  The reason I discovered as to why most of those people who had issues with the non-stick coating coming off was the fact that the heat was turned on too high as they began using it.  In fact, any non-stick surface will start to peel if the initial heat applied to the surface is too hot.

Here are some feedback from actual users of the GT Xpress 101 who have benefited:

I like my express. Works great for individual pizzas and puff pancakes. Since it is just my hubby and I, now, I wanted something that limits the amount of leftovers etc. It has it's place like anything else. Don't use it every day but I use it occasionally. Makes good fast breakfasts easy to clean up. I did get the replaceable pans particularly the one that is the full pan. As far as a timer with a fry pan I have those too and this makes it easier to just plunk in the food and listen for the time to finish without heating up my oven or even messing up the stove. It isn't like a fry pan since it has heat top and bottom both with an oven type heating. Each to his own. I can be cooking eggs for each of us while I empty the dishwasher. -


The Express machines are great if you are cooking for one or two, or for that busy family who is on different schedules and would like something other than sandwiches or microwave meals. I could see how an Express would be of great help to that first-time cook in the dorm, or an elderly person having to prepare meals for one. If a gadget like this would prevent more people from eating out (47% of our food dollars are now spent outside the home), then perhaps people could save money by eating at home more often. I have converted a number of our favorite recipes to cooking in them, and have reduced the cooking time by at least 50% because you have heat from the bottom AND the top. Since I like to create recipes, I've found the Express machines to be great fun for making new recipes. Even my non-cooking husband took an interest - and that's far and above the greatest benefit from where I sit at the dining table -


I am disabled and unable to do much stovetop cooking but this handy grill makes it so easy for me. And a simple wipe with a damp cloth makes cleanup very easy. I have even made several cakes with it and they came out delicious. -


It's compact enough to store upright on our countertop right next to the toaster, and we use it a few times a week, yet my unit is still like brand new. We use our Express 101 for making muffins, omelettes, cheese sandwiches, burritos, etc, and always use non-stick spray and only plastic utensils. Cleanup is easy just wiping with a damp cloth while the unit is still a bit warm, and for heavier build up a non-stick scrubbing sponge works fine. -

CT Yankee

I find it very useful and affordable!I bake pancakes ,cakes and other delicious meals in it!Just be creative and spoil your family with great food! -

Olga V. Melnikova

As you can see, there are different types of people using it differently and they’ve found it to be a time and money-saver.

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