Introducing the world’s first professional upright and portable wrinkle removing machineTobi Steamer

Stop wasting money at the dry cleaners! Tobi is designed to wipe out wrinkles just like the professionals at the dry cleaners and in the fashion industry.

  • Removes wrinkles from all your clothes right on the hanger
  • Easily glides right over buttons, pockets, sequins and prints
  • Helps to remove unpleasant odors
  • Guarantees no burning and no scorching

Here’s why The Tobi is right for you

  • Safe for ALL fabrics! Use for the most delicate silk to the toughest denim…
  • Removes wrinkles up to 5 times faster than ironing!
  • Completely portable in seconds!

Bonuses! If you order right now, you get the following absolutely FREE…

  • Tobi Travel Steamer
  • Two Bonus Attachments
  • Shoulder Strap for Tobi
  • Travel Bag

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