Plaque Blast is a pet dental spray that can save your dog from expensive and painful teeth cleaning. It will eliminate their stinky breath while it kills bacteria, prevents plaque from building up, and heals the gums in your dog’s mouth. It is a great medication that naturally heals wounds inside your dog’s mouth much quicker than other drugs. It works perfectly on cats as well.

Your Pet’s Bad Breath

Once your young puppy or kitten begins to mature, you begin to notice their bad breath. This is an indicator that bacteria have started to form inside their mouth, and requires your immediate attention. As your pet’s caregiver it is important to always keep their gums and teeth in good working order, free of plaque and tartar, to seize control over the rampant bacteria that can make them sick. As your pet ages, their immune system becomes depressed, making it harder for them to resist harmful bacteria, which in time will allow bacteria and plaque to grow at a rapid and continuous speed in their mouth.

Expensive Teeth Cleaning: Your Other Option

Once this process begins, the tartar begins to build up on the teeth, requiring a trip to the veterinarian for a teeth cleaning, which can be very expensive. The only way to accomplish a teeth cleaning in the vet’s office is to use anesthesia on the animal, to put them completely asleep during the procedure. Once your pet awakens from their sleep, their mouth is usually very painful, and sometimes their gums are bleeding. Their mouth will most likely remain very sore for days as their gums heal.

“It is crazy good! In just two days my dog’s teeth are pearly white, seriously!” – Michael,

“Last year at the annual vet visit, they told me that my cat had gingivitis and cavities to be fixed, and my dog had major plaque that could cause issues and should also have a cleaning. Both at $600+. I don’t have $1200 just lying around, and my dog isn’t a big chewer. So when I was at Petsmart, I asked an employee what they recommended. Aside from the Dentastix that my dog actually ate, they showed me Plaque Blast. For $10 I figured why not. Both animals fussed the first few times I sprayed it, but now they are used to it and don’t mind. I noticed the bad breath in both was better in two days. Now a week later I barely notice it. As for the plaque, though my dog still has some, I can see the spots that it has come off completely! As a plus, both of them have visibly whiter teeth like when they were babies! It’s only been one week and I’m sure with continued use it will only get better.” – KendallsMom,

Effective In As Little As 3 Weeks

Using the pet dental spray on a regular basis for at least 2 to 3 weeks, as directed, your dog or cat’s teeth will be cleaner, and his or her breath will be so much fresher. You will no longer have the need to take your dog in for harmful and painful teeth cleanings to scrape away layers of plaque and tartar. This is a decision that you and your dog or cat will enjoy. With the pet dental sprayer’s long spray nozzle, you can easily spray even the hard-to-reach places in the back of your dog or cat’s mouth. By spraying all of the teeth, over time, you cause the pet much less irritation, improved its breath, and easily and gently remove all of his or her tartar and plaque.

“After about a week of daily treatments, I noticed that his teeth went from dark brown to yellow. Now, after about three weeks of daily sprays, they are off-white. I will definitely keep using Plaque Blast on both dogs. Their teeth look great.” – ARG10159,

“I bought this product at my local PetSmart store on Saturday and began using it on my two small dogs that same day. Both of my dogs had terrible plaque on their teeth. One has completely white clean teeth just 5 days later. The other one (who I recently adopted and had never had a dental appointment in her life) has vastly improved teeth and gums. I’m positive that her teeth will look like my other dog’s by next week. This product is amazing. I will be purchasing more as soon as I run out!” – LRPetOwner,

Just Spray Away

All you need to do to eliminate all the buildup of plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth is just spray away. Its natural formula will quickly and safely mixed together with your pet’s saliva and completely cover the teeth and gums in their mouth.

What Are Plaque Blast’s Active Ingredients

Plaque Blast Pet Dental Spray is formulated with Grape Seed Extract that helps boost your dog’s immune system. It is very healthy for the inside of their mouth and protects their gums while it kills off all of the bacteria. It also contains Neem Oil (that is naturally pressed from an evergreen tree). This unique oil is known to be effective at destroying bacteria and parasites along with its capability of breaking up tartar and plaque on the teeth and gums of your pet’s mouth. It also has Rosemary Oil which helps your dog or cat quickly heal from infections, due to its ability to improve blood circulation. The pet dental spray is 100% alcohol free and completely safe for your pets.

“I apply it my dog and it has worked after two days of use.” – Edward Venegas,

“I use it on all 3 of our dogs our other dogs teeth aren’t that bad but I can tell they won’t get bad in Dr.George’s hands and our cocker spaniel has a whole bunch of plaque on her teeth and it’s actually wearing it down I would totally recommend it to anyone that has dogs or a person who owns a dog that has bad teeth plus it also gets rid of nasty dog breath” – Taylor,

Plaque Blast

With Plaque Blast Pet Dental Spray’s ability to remove all of plaque and tartar from your dog’s mouth, it is highly recommended.