If you are tired of never being able to hear the good quality sound of your television, without disturbing others, the MyZone Headphones might be for you. MyZone Headphones allow you to hear your favorite movies and TV shows just like you are sitting at the cinema. Its wireless capabilities allow you to sit back far from your set, as it can easily transmit a signal up to 100 feet. The headphones work perfectly for use in family rooms, bedrooms, out on the back porch, nursing homes, assisted living homes or any place where someone struggles with hearing.

Constant Disruption While Watching TV?

MyZone HeadphonesThe problem about listening to the TV when in the company of others is that there is always some type of disruption. The disruption happens both ways. Either you are disturbing someone by listening to the television while you are both in bed, or alternatively, others are disturbing you from listening to the television in the family room.

Never being able to listen to your shows and movies, because you simply cannot turn the sound up loud enough just causes frustration and proves to be a waste of time. These high-quality headphones work well for families that have young children, as it allows you to watch TV at the volume desire, without waking them up.

High Quality Wireless Headphones

MyZone Headphones were invented as a solution to this problem, allowing you to hear full quality sound of your favorite television shows and movies without causing a disturbance to anyone or having them cause a disturbance to you. These amazing wireless headphones provide movie theater quality surround sound. They are fabricated with soft cushion earpieces and are designed to provide you the best listening experience. Its wireless transmitter will work on any type of television set, and can easily transmit its signal up to a hundred feet. Because you will have constant control of the wireless headphone’s high quality sound, you will never miss a second of your show, even if you leave the room.

Is It Easy To Setup?

With My Zone Wireless Headphones, installation is a breeze. The device installs in seconds, and requires that you simply plug the base cord into the back of your television, or cable box. You will instantly have complete access to the sound of your television set, and never missed key parts of your favorite shows again because a family member is talking or making noise.

Simply follow the instructions given.  Once you’ve powered up everything including your TV, the first step is to hit the “Reset” button before doing anything at all. If you get static the first time, just remember to hit “scan” again to get a clear signal.  In the off position, it receives radio.  Pretty cool!

MyZone Wireless Headphones Features

The MyZone Headphones can provide you full stereo sound through its cushion earpiece, which is designed for extra comfort. It uses noise cancellation technology to help you hear everything from the television set, and very little sound from any outside disrupting noise. Because the quality of the sound so good, you feel like you are sitting front and center in a movie theater listening to high quality surround sound.
The headphones are adjustable with cushioned ear pads that are made for long term listening. You need only plug the base into the back of the television and install two AAA batteries into the headset. It will naturally block out environmental sound so you can hear everything on your television show or movie. Now you can enjoy your shows without ever disturbing others or having them disturb you.

MyZone Headphones Reviews:

News station WSFA put these wireless headphones to the test.

According to their test, it worked better than expected and “the sound is crisp, clear, and in stereo.”

“These headphones have been a great help to me as I can now hear everything said, even with the TV turned down to low.” – Franklin Reid, Amazon.com

“I wear hearing aids but I am able to use the wireless headphones without them. These are good deal.” – Samuel Hevener, Amazon.com

“As someone who has tried a number of wireless headphones, these are both the best and the cheapest.” – Barbara L. MccArren, Amazon.com

These amazing headphones are highly recommended for any individual seeking privacy and the ultimate surround sound when listening to their television shows and movies. They can easily connect any television set and instantly provide you with the ultimate listening experience. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website to obtain the best prices and optimal customer service.

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