Now the warmer weather is here, and you are in the market for a temporary screen door, you might want to consider the Magic Mesh. The amazing Magic Mesh Screen Door has been proven effective at keeping bugs out of the house during the warm summer months. You can place this temporary screen over any doorway, as it installs very quickly and has been shown to work as promised.

Letting the Breeze In

In the warm weather, the house often become stale or stagnant, and at times, can get to staggeringly hot. And easy solution is just open all the doors and windows in the house, to let the breeze flow through. However, most homes do not have a screen door across the patio opening, or the exterior doors. Keeping doors open is a perfect invitation for flying insects and other critters to enter the home, in search of a place to nest or to get food.

The Temporary Screen Door

Though it still seems practical to keep your doors open, many families wish they had a temporary screen door to place over there exterior doors, or sliding doors, as a way to keep the nice cross breeze continually passing through the home. As an answer to this problem, the mesh screen door was specifically designed for easy set up to provide a cross breeze in just moments. Using the supplied Velcro strips, and tacks, you need only take the screen door of the bag, and attached it to the wall over the opening.

Here’s how it looked for an actual user after installation.  Check out this video for her honest feedback:

As mentioned in the video, some do face issues there would be a slight gap from more installing it on more than one sliding door.  This is simply because of the overlap between the two screens and it is not a problem since most bugs don’t fly around and enter the door from the side.  It does accomplish it’s task overall.

The Magic in Magic Mesh

The magic in this amazing mesh door resides in its ability to automatically close the screen door behind itself once you pass through. It does this with 18 powerful magnets that are sewn into the hem lining of the screen. With a simple nod of your shoulder, hand, arm or head, the screen door will easily part open in the middle allowing you access through the screen. Once you pass, the magnets automatically attract each other and quietly, but effectively, close behind you. This is ideal for families with small children or pets.

“It is an amazing solution to a minor problem that is very affordable. It does the job” – Lisa,

Magic Mesh

Its Amazing Features

Just some of the features of the Magic Mesh Screen Door include its ability to let fresh air in, while keeping flying insects and bugs out. It provides instant access for your pets, to allow them to come and go as they please. It easily opens with no hands, and closes automatically behind you. The magnets help it shut quietly, and it will easily stay in place all summer long. It is both easy to install and take down, and stores away neatly. It is ideal for all the door openings in your home, your camper or recreational vehicle. It helps to reduce energy bills by keeping the house cooler in the warmer months.

Here’s another video of what news station KVUE found when they installed the magic mesh:

Like what others discovered, it was fairly easy to install and use. They gave it a thumbs up.

Included in Every Kit

Every Magic Mesh Screen Door kit comes with screen door panels with 18 magnets that work as an automatic fastening system. It is crafted out of a fine mesh, and can be folded away for easy storage. It is easy to install with the supplied Velcro strips and tacks, and will fit over any door opening, including sliding doors, patio doors and exterior doors.

“This door is great. We have a two-year-old and a dog constantly going in and out to the patio. It holds up fantastically.”
– C. Gray,

This amazing screen door is highly recommended for any family looking for a temporary mesh door that can allow the fresh air in, while keeping the bugs out. Because of this design to automatically close behind you, along with its easy installation, yet is ideally suited for large families, or those with pets. It works perfect on your home, camper and RV. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website for any current discount offers.

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