I guess you must have arrived here looking for more information on the Ionic Pro Turbo.  I was in the same boat when shopping for an air purifier.  I spent many hours searching for the best product to clean the air in my house and hopefully, my experiences will help you make a better decision.

According the the manufacturer, the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier removes airborne particles 300% more effectively than the competition.Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier  Whether it is pet-dander, smoke smells, or dust, this product is said to be able to clean them all.

Some benefits you supposedly get from this powerful air purifier:

NO FILTERS TO REPLACE! Simply remove the ergonomically designed front-loading collection blade and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

GERMICIDAL PROTECTION! Destroys bacteria and germs in the patent pending germicidal chamber.

TOTALLY SILENT! Patent pending technology moves air without disruptive motors or fans.

OXYGEN PLUS! Turns smog and ozone into pure oxygen.

ENERGY EFFICIENT! Uses about the same amount of energy as a night light.

ONE-TOUCH OPERATION! Push-button ease saves time and effort.

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Does the Ionic Pro Turbo Work As Claimed?

Does the product live up to the hype? I believe a great product should have many people who just rave about it.   Here are some experiences that actual users of the Ionic Pro Turbo got …

I have 2 Ionic Turbos and 2 Pros. The Pros are worth the slightly higher price. They are easier to clean and clean a larger room. I love that there are no filters to replace and no motors to die. I have had other purifiers in the past and they just didn't last. I've have my Turbos for about 3yrs and they work as good as the day I got them (no filters to buy/replace, just clean the collection blades). If you have a dusty house or smoke go for a bigger unit, but stick with Ionic. Their blade system is awesome and will save you in not having to buy replacement filters. - overstock.com


I have several of these Ionic Pros throughout my house because I'm a smoker. I wasn't really sure how much good they did until my dog chewed the cord off the one in my living room. After one week without one in my house, I was overnight shipping one. I was truly unaware of how much gunk they take out of the air until it was left to float around! Even cleaning the easy-to-clean bars hadn't really convinced me. These things work. - overstock.com


The Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier eliminated the cigarette odor in every room that we place it within hours. It also cut down on the amount of dust particles that accumulate on furniture as well as kitchen countertops and cabinets - overstock.com


Easy to set up ... just plug it in and push 'on.' Cleaning is simple (though I haven't had to do it yet). I primarily purchased it to deal with dust and it has performed very well. I have also noticed I sleep better since installing the unit (ny nose doesn't stuff up during the night). - overstock.com


I have allergies really bad and 3 dogs. This has helped my allergies alot and when you walk into the house you cannot smell the 3 dogs anymore. I really like this air purifier. - overstock.com


Purchased this for my mother, who smokes inside her small apartment. Within a day, you could hardly tell she was a smoker by the smell inside. This unit totally cleaned the air. She had another one in the past that she did not like to use because of the sound. This unit is extremely quiet, as advertised. The visiting family members absolutely love that they can visit Grandma without smelling like smoke after they leave. - overstock.com


I have tried many other air filters and this is the best. Very quiet and cleans easily, no more buying filters to throw away. I could really tell the difference in smell and air quality. Would recommend this to anyone with allergies and sinus problems and problems breathing while sleeping. - overstock.com


This is the second unit I have purchased, and both are running like champs. I would like them to move more air, but they are effective at removing allergens and particles. The collection blades are relatively easy to clean, but there should be more blades to increase surface area for collection. The blue power light is very bright, so much so that it can easily serve as a night light. All-in-all, I am satisfied with both units, and appreciate the fanless design that keeps the units in a cleaner condition. - homedepot.com


This unit is in our bedroom and is so quiet you don't realize it is on except for the light. We have a long haired dog and my husband has allergies and this is making our lives much better. We really like it. - homedepot.com


I bought this product about 4 years ago because I have a child that is allergic to dust. It came with a free bathroom ionizer. I cannot say enough about how well this works. It ran 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 4 years. Unfortunately it has recently died. If i didn't appreciate it before I certainly do now. I have 4 kids, 3 cats, a dog and a stinky husband (lol). My mother in law is very allergic to cats and with this she didn't even worry about cat dander since it has broken she can't even come to the house. We used the bathroom one by the litter boxes and that took care of those smells. Everybody in the house is suffering from allergies with congestion, swollen watery eyes, coughing we didn't have that when this product worked. I will absolutely buy this product again. I just wish it was more affordable so that i wouldn't have to wait so long to get it. It is worth every penny. - walmart.com


It is really quiet with two smokers and 8 dogs in the house it has elimated the stale smoke and dog odor. Very quiet easy to clean. - walmart.com


My wife insisted on this purchase after noticing a how fresh her friends house always smelled. It reminded her of "fresh night air." She said she knew her husband didn't allow sprays or candles so she asked her what she used. We received ours within a couple of days and have loved it! We can tell a difference in the amount of dust that collects, especially on the hardwood floor and tabletops. And we love the "no smell" clean fresh air "fragrance" when we walk into the house. We plan to get one for our basement in the near future. Great product, easy to use and clean (only takes a couple of minutes). Excellent investment. - amazon.com

Carlos Force

I have asthma and for the longest time I went without an air purifier until my dad purchased this for me. I have loved having it and I would buy more. It cleans the air extremely well, you can smell the difference within a matter of minutes. It works well in our large open living room as well as our smaller bedrooms. The cons I have with this product is that it requires a lot of maintenance. I have to clean the strips every few days, depending on which room I have it in, and I also have to clean the inside of the system every week or so as well. Despite all the cleanings though, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants cleaner air in their home. - mysears.com


This is our first air purifier. I did alot of checking around and reading reviews. The main reason I like this is because it is easy to use and you do not have replace a filter every month. It cleans up nice also & completely silent! - mysears.com


Easy to CLEAN, QUIET, do not have to buy Replacement Parts! The manufacturer goes overboard on how to clean this item... When I clean the turbo ionic pro, I just take it out and use a damp rag and wipe it. Then I immediately put it together and use it... I don't wait 24 hours, like the manual says, that is ridiculous I think the directions on waiting 24 hours to let it dry, are for people who are not logical, and use running water on it, then put it back together soaking wet and turn it on.
I clean mine once a week at most, takes me 1 minute, replace, reuse... Simple. I have a cat, 200 year old flat (condo), and live in the city. - viewpoints.com


We bought the Ionic Pro Turbo after our daughter kept sneezing in our basement. Our house was only 2 years old and we wondered if the smell was from the new construction. We immediately noticed a difference in her sneezing while downstairs after using the IPT. - viewpoints.com


Since receiving this product for Christmas, my allergy attacks (5 cats, 1 dog) are down by at least 90%. I did not think that any product short of prescription allergy medications would have so great an effect. It is an attractive item, visually unobtrusive and it is virtually silent. It has a negligible effect on our electric bill. - viewpoints.com


Since I've been using this I don't cough anymore. I'm not a smoker but the air quality in NYC apartments are not the best. The fact that there are no air filters to replace/buy was a big selling point for me. It's very quiet and the only time you will hear a noise, which are like these clicking sounds, is when it's time to clean the filters. Which is easy to do as well. I should have purchased this sooner it really helped with my mild asthma. You should try it. - Walmart.com


We have a couple of air purifiers- mostly because we have allergies. This one is the quietest we've got, and is easy to maintain. - Walmart.com


I chose this one for ease of maintenance and good reviews. It definitely fits the bill: easy maintenance, affordable, and does exactly what it should - leaves the air smelling fresh and clean without traces of animal, smoke, or (leftover) cooking smells. - Walmart.com


Reason why we are getting another one is because it can't purify the whole condo and our cat has asthma and my husband has allergies. Since we had it it has demished his sneezing big time and our cats wheezing.. thank you ionic pro! As well the fact that it is silent is a HUGE PLUS a number one in my book! - Walmart.com


I have had it for one day and i instantly recognized the dramatic change. I am allergic to cats and I have one, I would always have to take claritin or any other allergy medicine but with this ionic pro turbo, i noticed within the same day i wasnt struggling to breath, i wasnt sneasing or having allergic reactions. This is the first time my cat has hung out with me the whole day and not one sneeze out of me. Its also quite and out of the way and i am going to buy the second one for my bedroom. - Bestbuy.com


I think this is a good alternative to HEPA air purifers. It is quiet, does a pretty good job, reasonably priced. Everyone who comes into my condo says it smells fresh which makes me happy. - Bestbuy.com


With this product, it seems to saves you money on expensive replacement filters and cleans the dusty air.  If you are ready to clean your house air and enjoy the fresh clean smell, click on the link below.

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