The Gojo Hands Free is described as a headset with a grip that can instantly and effectively hold your mobile device up to your ear, without the possibility of it sliding down. It is perfect for making phone calls on the go, while driving, walking or sitting at your office desk. By simply snapping the Gojo Hands Free on to your mobile or landline device, you can hold the phone to your head for a comfortable fit.

A Major Inconvenience

Every day we are concerned with having to talk in our mobile phone while we are working in the office, at home cooking, or driving in the car. When doing anything, holding your cell phone to your ear is simply not practical, and if you are driving, it can be illegal in your state. Many states require that you have both hands on the wheel by driving, which is impossible to do when talking on your cell phone.

At the office, it can be cumbersome attempting to hold your cell phone to your ear while typing on the computer, gathering information or simply performing two tasks at the same time. Often times while at home cooking, your phone will ring requiring you to stop preparing dinner to take the call, or hang up until the food is cooked.

An Easy Solution

The Gojo Hands Free is an extremely comfortable and convenient tool to use, and is a simple way to make any mobile or landline device completely hands-free. Unlike traditional wireless devices and headsets, the Go Jo headset accessory works completely free from any type of electronics. Instead, the device uses a small but powerful suction cup that easily attaches to the back of your mobile device.

Once attached, the Go Jo can then be placed over anyone’s head and held against their ear. It can be adjusted so it fits perfectly, and will work with any make or model of mobile phone, and even land lines too. It does not require any kind of charging, wiring or pairing, as you are speaking directly to your cell phone and not on a Bluetooth device or wired headset. It slips on in one second, and allows you to talk on your phone while having both hands free.

Claims, Benefits and Features

Inside every Go Jo Hands Free kit you will receive an adjustable headset, which is compatible with all phones. Along with that you will receive two bonus non-slip grip mats, and four hands-free headsets. It is designed to attach instantly, allowing you to quickly begin talking on your phone, completely hands-free. You use your phone’s own speaker and microphone for optimal performance. It can easily adjust anyone’s head.

Setup and Installation

Of all the benefits and features of the Go Jo Hands Free accessory uses overall simplicity and ease-of-use. Because it is crafted to be completely free of electronic components, there is no set up or cumbersome installation. Simply make sure the back of the mobile or landline device is free from dirt and dust, and apply the powerful suction cup to the back. It is now ready to be attached your headset any time you need to answer or make a call. It works on any type of device, including large home or desk phones, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Gojo Hands Free Reviews:

“It is a simple solution that seems to work well for me.” – Daniel G.,

“It is very simple to set up, and holds my phone exactly in place.” – Kevin Kendall,

News station WZZM 13’s Lauren Stanton tested the hands-free device and here are their findings:

As they discovered, GoJo comes with a sticker for securing your phone to the “high density suction cup”. Eric Zane at the radio station demonstrated how it is used within just one second so it allows anyone to use it without interference to what they are doing now. They do say it does look “ridiculous” but admit that it is a simple, cheap and practical alternative to bluetooth hands-free sets.

Because it offers such ease and convenience when answering your phone, or using your mobile device on the go, it is highly recommended. Order yours directly from the company’s official website for the best price.

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