The Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer is heralded as the world’s only three-in-one hedge trimmer that can cut, shred and then collect the clippings, all of the same time. It is touted as the only machine that has received every imaginable award for its three in one action, and is backed by numerous patents. It is considered to be the most desired garden tool ever invented.

Trimming Is A Hassle

Trimming your hedges all throughout the spring, summer and fall can be a hassle, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. With the constant trimming, raking and sweeping up the clippings, along with disposing the clippings can be sure that last all day. When we grow tired of wasting our summer away doing yard work, we hire professional landscapers and pay them hundreds of dollars every year to do it for us. Now with the Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer you can eliminate the need to pay landscapers, or waste your day off spending hours doing something that now only takes minutes.

3-in-1 Trimmer Saves Time

The Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight and simple to use. You can easily cut, then shred and finally collect all your clippings in one complete action. It works with concealed blades that provide safety and is made from high durable plastic that is proven to be virtually indestructible. It houses an on-board storage bin that helps you keep all the collected clippings together, and eliminates any type of cleanup.

“The best part of the Garden Groom is that cleanup is eliminated.” – Teresa Bertramd,

Vortex Suction

It uses razor-sharp stainless steel blades, powered by an amazingly powerful 300 Watt motor that can automatically and easily cut through every hedge, with the ultimate ease. The machine has the capability to automatically suck up all of your clippings through its “vortex” suctioning power that instantly shreds them to more than 1/10th of their original size. With all the gathered clippings automatically collected in the on-board storage bag, you can easily take it to the trash can for easy disposal.

Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer Features

Just some of the features of this amazing hedge trimmer include its ability to cut, shred and collect its clippings. This saves you time, and eliminates any cleanup. It is lightweight, but has a powerful 300 W motor and is manufactured with concealed blades for safety (no exposed cutting blades). An additional safety feature is its two-handed operation that automatically eliminates unintended starting or stopping. The device can easily shred your clippings to 1/10th of its original size. It is ideal for mulching and composting, along with enlarged hedge runs.

Garden Groom

Easy Portability Makes It A Cinch To Use

The Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer can easily perform and replace all the typical tasks of gardening including raking, bending, and bagging it all of the clippings. Because it operates on electricity you will have no messy gas fumes, or dripping oil to contend with during its operation. It is crafted with built-in safety features that ensure your optimal safety at all times. It instantly and automatically collects all of the clippings from cutting your hedge, and contains an on-board containment bin. This allows for easy transport to your composter or trash bin.

“It is lightweight and easy to use. A great design a quality product.” – Malcolm Wain,

It is ultra-light, and easy to handle. It can be used by any adult or senior, and provides “goof-proof” trimming. Its dual handle controls eliminate unintended start-up or shut-off to add safety. This amazing hedge trimmer is highly recommended to everyone wanting to make their and trimming easier, and less expensive. It Comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee and has a lifetime blade warranty. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website.

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