The EZ Eyes keyboard is a large print replacement keyboard which has been designed specifically to improve your typing speed and accuracy while reducing strain on your eyes. The keys are significantly larger than a standard keyboard and use high contrasting colors as a way to improve your typing precision. The EZ Eyes keyboard is waterproof, and will resist any accidental spill even directly on the keyboard itself, because the keyboard is designed to drain the liquid away without causing any damage to the to the keys or the electronics.

The Problem with Traditional Keyboards

Many individuals, especially the elderly, struggle with typing on the computer simply because they cannot see the printed letters displayed on each key. As they struggle to type, and search for each key, over time it can dramatically increase the level of strain they put on their eyes as they hunt and peck their way through the process. Additionally, because the frustration their typing productivity goes down, simply because they do not know which key they are typing.

As we age, the natural regression of our eyesight begins to decrease to a point that even focusing on a medium-size letter on the keyboard is nearly impossible. In the past the only way those who struggled with their vision could accurately type without squinting and staring at the keys was to keep all the lights in the room on as bright as they would go. It is only in the last few years that fully lit keyboards have been for sale to help typist work under any lighting condition, even in the dark.

Easy on the Eyes

The EZ Eyes keyboard is the simplest keyboard for any individual to use, because it is easier to read than a traditional keyboard, is 100% waterproof and will reduce the strain on your eyes while you type or look at the monitor. It is ideal for people of all ages that suffer with various types of vision impairment, individuals who like to type in dark places or anyone who enjoys typing with keys that are printed with a large text. The EZ Eyes keyboard glows in the dark and keeps the keyboard illuminated for easier typing, making it easier to use than a traditional keyboard.

“It is a very effective keyboard for low vision users. The color and big letter-size are a big help.” – Dario Quinonez,

Full Size Keyboard

The EZ Eyes keyboard is a large print full-size 104 key keyboard that uses a USB connection to attach itself to your computer. It has 12 “hot keys” that provide instant easy access to your computer’s most common functions. The primary difference between this and traditional keyboards is that it is letters are more than twice the size of what you would have on a regular keyboard. Once you receive your EZ Eyes keyboard simply plug it into any USB connection on your computer and immediately start typing. The software in your computer will find the correct driver to make your keyboard operate the moment you plug it in.

Full Compatibility With Your Computers

This amazing keyboard is ideally suited as an “add on” for laptops and desktops. It is also fully compatible with any PC or Mac computer and requires nothing more than just plugging it in, for your computer recognize it and provide the driver it needs to operate.

“The yellow keys and bold black letters are so easy to see.” – Bessie 2000,

This amazing 100% waterproof keyboard is recommended to any individual looking for a way to type without eye strain. It provides illuminated large print keys that glow-in-the-dark to make typing easier than the traditional keyboard. It is suggested to order yours directly from the company’s official website for special offers and discount pricing.

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