If you are a pet owner, you no doubt were intrigued by the TV commercial for Crazy Critters, which features various different dogs having a blast with these furry little toys. At first glance, they appear to be just a typical stuffed animal type of toy, but when you take a closer look at them, you will find that this is far more than just a stuffed animal that your dog will go to town with, and it may just be that perfect dog toy you have been looking for.

What Is It?

Crazy Critters is a specially designed stuffed animal toy for dogs, but the truth is that it isn’t stuffed at all. If you have kids with their own stuffed animals, you no doubt know what a mess it is to clean up all of that stuffing after your dog gets a hold of it. This is a stuffing-free toy that comes in various shapes like a beaver, a leopard, a squirrel, a lion, a skunk, and a tiger. When not in use, they lie flat on the ground in a shape that dogs just cannot seem to resist going after.


You may be looking at Crazy Critters and wondering just how durable these little stuffed animals are. You likely know first hand that your dog can shred many things in a matter of minutes if he puts his mind to it, and so you may be wondering if this is a good buy or not. The fact is that this toy has been designed especially for dogs, and so it features reinforced seams and a durable fabric that is safe for dogs to chew on and will hold up to their wear and tear, too.

Hours of Fun

If you are looking at Crazy Critters, you no doubt will find that this is a toy that can amuse your dog for hours at a stretch. Some pet owners will go out, or even stay indoors, and play with their dog using this toy, but this is a fun toy that can keep your dog entertained for hours even without you. It’s great for those times when you need to run out and don’t want your pup to get into mischief or when he’s bored and you just don’t have time to throw the ball around with him. This is an affordable way to keep your furry friend happy, and so many pet owners cannot resist treating their pet to a little bit of fun.

Is It Really That Great?

Before you make the decision to buy Crazy Critters for your own dog, you no doubt want to hear what real pet owners who have tried this toy out at home with their dogs have to say about it. It is a popular toy, and you can find dozens of reviews that have been posted online about it. In fact, here are just a couple of the many glowing comments that have been posted about it recently:

“It keeps him busy for hours on end, which is why I am going to order more for him, and my sons pit bull.”
— Carla J Lyons, Amazon.com

“What a bargain and he is not getting into trouble with my shoes anymore.
— H McCurdy, Amazon.com

Buying It

This is a popular toy that is making so many pets and pet owners happy, and so you can find it in many locations. However, if you do decide to buy it, you will want to place your order for Crazy Critters direct from the manufacturer. This way, you can make sure you buy the authentic toy, and this website often runs some fabulous pricing offers that you can take advantage of, too.

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