WalkFit OrthoticsWalkFit® orthotics have been proven to eliminate posture problems, foot pain and leg pain! In fact, in a scientific study conducted by physicians, this foot care orthotics product helped over 90% of the people tested reduce pain levels in their feet, knees, spine and pelvis. Get rid of sore, aching feet, and get moving again – pain-free! These amazing orthotics are designed by doctors for complete comfort – they even conform to your feet. And now you can get this great, foot care insoles product for less than 50% off the suggested retail price!

WalkFit® Platinum Have The Following Benefits:

  • Strengthen your heels and ankles
  • Distribute your weight evenly over your foot
  • Protect your feet, legs and spine from the shocks of running, walking and playing sports

Here are what real people are saying about Walkfit…

Like magic, my foot pain goes away when I wear them and returns if I don't! - About.com

Lynn BCP

These inserts have not only saved my feet, but they have saved my bank account hundreds of dollars in custom orthotics and podiatrist visits. - Amazon.com

modern blue argonaut

I highly recommend these to just about anyone who can wear them. If you're looking for arch supports that actually support your feet and your whole body, these are the ones to buy. - Amazon.com

Warren King

There are many products advertised on TV that are indeed junk and not worth the money. Walk Fit is legit. I know, my feet have been causing me misery for years and now I am feeling alive again thanks to this product! - Amazon.com

GW Hansen

The orthotics immediately took away the nerve pain and as a added benefit, helped my knee pain too. All I know is that they work and the price is 7 times less than another store name brand. - Amazon.com

Michael D Wolf

I have heel spurs and thought I would require surgery but my feet feel great now. I won't leave the house without WalkFits in my shoes. If the shoe won't accommodate them, I get rid of them or won't buy them. - Amazon.com

S. Karppala

They DO support your foot very well and do things you might never have experienced - so follow the directions! I have used them for over 2 months now and notices less foot 'fatigue' as well as less lower back pain on days I stand a lot. - Amazon.com


I tried various insole pads and sports creams, which didn't work. One day I saw the infomercial and ordered one pair. I have worn them ever since because they have taken pain off my knees and soles completely. Now I can play hard on the court thanks to them. - Amazon.com

Scott Moon

I have been suffering with a heel spur and plantar fasciitis for almost 3 years. I have tried massage, ice, heat, night splints, stretching, heel cups, cortisone injections, and very expensive custom orthotics. I am so excited that I can finally walk again with absolutely NO HEEL PAIN. I recommend these highly. - Amazon.com


WalkFit® Insoles indeed dramatically prevent and reduce foot pain.Joint Support

Plus, you get a full, FREE 30-day supply of Joint Support (a $39.99 value), the ultimate pain relief accelerator with every order.

So, here’s what you get with every order:

  • 3 Walkfit Inserts
  • Sandal Adaptor
  • Peppermint Lotion
  • How to Guide
  • Accupressure Inserts
  • FREE Joint Support

And now for a limited time only, when you order through the link below, you get the Memory Foam Comfort Slipper (a $40 value) absolutely free!

With so many people who have benefited from this product and a great offer, don’t wait any longer.  Be pain-free today!

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