Much more so than in the past, we now live in a very health conscious world. We have become very aware of the health effects of many things in our life. We now know that where our health is concerned, prevention is not only better than the cure, it is also very much cheaper. We tend not to smoke anymore since it affects our lungs. We are careful in the things we eat, knowing that food can affect our cholesterol and heart and some other organs of our body. We measure the amount of alcohol we take since we know it too can have adverse affects.

The one area that people seem to ignore is the one area that could be the most important of all, the air we breathe. Because it is so ubiquitous we feel that there is nothing that we as individuals can do about the air. We tend to leave care of the atmosphere to governments and large agencies. This attitude is largely correct when you are speaking about the outdoors. There isn’t much you can do as an individual about the great outdoors except move to another place if the current air quality is poor. But where do you spend most of your time? Like most Americans you spend the greater portion of your life indoors, either in your house, apartment, office or car. It is in these environments that you as an individual can control the air that you and your family breathe.

It has long been recognized that fresh air, that is outdoor air, is healthier than indoor air. That is because in the confined spaces of a house or car, air pollutants can build up. There is household dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander. At best, these can be a mild irritant, and at worst a serious health threat. You can control this environment by removing these allergens.

The best means of ensuring health and clean air is to purchase an air purifier. Now air purifiers can be expensive, unwieldy, and loud, and carry high maintenance costs. Not so with the Ionic Pro air purifier. The unit is available in 4 different sizes, from large rooms of up to 500 sq. feet, to smaller units for offices and bedrooms, to mini for pet areas and bathrooms and one for the car.

This purifier, unlike others, works silently to circulate air by first putting a positive charge into the air and then attracting the air with negatively charged collection blades. The collection blades trap allergens such as dust, pollen, carpet hairs and pet dander. This means that the only maintenance is to remove blades, clean and reinsert. This simple air purification solution delivers years of healthy air in your home or car.

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